Fox, my burning heart...

I will fly to you.

16 March 1986
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I am a 27 yr old writer. You can call me Alice. :) I am active in many fandoms, but my main obsessions right now are with the "Hannibal" series of novels/films (for those Hannibal Lecter lovers who like to meet other fans and discuss the tetralogy, check out the Hannibal Lecter Studiolo Forums), and with the movie "The Last of the Mohicans", more specifically the pairing of Alice/Uncas for the latter.

Also, I am a huge fan of the Batman/Joker pairing from Nolan's Batman movies. That is one obsession that never quite dies down and every once in a while I go looking for good new fic centering around them. XD

I have been writing for years. People tell me I'm good at it, but I do it because I need to and there are few things in life that make me feel better.

I have posted much fanfiction from various fandoms, under different usernames, on different sites over the years. It would be very difficult for me to recall where it's all spread out to, but perhaps I will find and post all those links here sometime.

I also beta/edit/proofread for certain fics/pairings if I have the time. I adore editing in small doses if it's on a subject I'm interested in.

If we get to be friends then ask me about fandom RP and I may be open to it. I've RP'd in the past, and co-written some amazing works as a result.

I almost have my bachelor's in Psychology and am currently taking a break from my studies. My main interest lies in the study of Antisocial Personality Disorder, and the spectrum of individuals that can fall underneath that category (psychopaths, etc.). I love any talk of Psychology though, including Cognitive Psychology and studies of the brain's functionings. It is all fascinating to me.

I am also very passionate about advocating for Native American rights, and am trying to educate myself on current issues that various tribes are facing today. Have any links to websites regarding this topic? I'd love them messaged to me. ^^ I will also be posting my own links to relevant sites/internet groups soon.

Other passions and hobbies: Jasmine Green tea, creating fanmixes, discovering new music, Minecraft, the Sims 3, martial arts video games and movies, Onision, comic books & graphic novels, 'serious' animes and mangas, etc. etc. (will write more later, LOL)

Talk to me, I love making friends. :)