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Currently working on a fic from Alice's POV about how she comes to love Uncas so passionately. I am trying to write in some original scenes as well as the ones from the movie that have been gone over countless times (not knocking those fics, because they were done very well. Some of them even made me cry, lol). I just feel that this fandom needs more fresh material and I'm trying to do that, with my limited knowledge of the culture and history. It's going surprisingly well...

Working title for the story is "Deepest River," but that may change.

I am choosing to write from Alice's point of view for this story, and probably will for most others, because it is more challenging for me. I've always been the 'strong, aggressive, fighting' kind of woman, more interested in boys' hobbies and often desiring to take on their role, and even thinking from a manly point of view at times. So writing from Uncas's point of view, while not necessarily 'easy', would come much more naturally to me and I'm hoping to push myself by understanding and being true to the beautiful and fragile Alice, honoring her character and her feelings and finding her own strength that I can highlight in the story...

Since my renewed obsession with the movie and my new-found understanding of (and therefore powerful appreciation and love for) the pairing I have also been doing research on the Mohican people and their culture and language. From what I can tell, they didn't all die off but actually migrated and married into other tribes once their lands were being taken over.

I will start posting my findings on that topic in this journal, since as a writer I am always hoping to be true to the characters and as accurate with the details as possible, and I've also developed a great love and respect for the Mahican people (alternate spelling of their anglicized tribe name, and whether you spell it "Mahican" or "Mohican" it's always pronounced muh-hee-cun--something that I believe the movie didn't get right) and so I want to know as much about them as possible.

I have Native American blood in me myself (Chickasaw from my father's side and Cherokee from my mother's) so perhaps it's instinctive that the Native American way of life has always appealed to me. I am taking great pleasure in researching this all-but-extinct people, and have been very pleased to find that those surviving members of the bloodline have recently discovered records of their language which had gone out of use for years. They are now attempting to re-introduce the language to their people and through that, get more in touch with their lost culture as well.

This page tells about that: http://mohican-nsn.gov/Departments/Tribal_Council/Committees_&_Boards/WalkInMohican.htm

Also, I just discovered an online English-to-Mahican Dictionary. :) Link below.


I am sure that Chingachgook, Uncas, and Hawkeye would be pleased to find that something of their people's ways has survived and resurfaced. Chingachgook's heartbroken words, "I am the last of the Mohicans" no longer seem so final to me. How beautiful that the spirit of this great tribe has lived on! ^-^



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