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Into the wilderness, I go :P

Well, it seems fitting (in a bad luck kind of way) that after all this obsessing I've been doing lately over characters who go tromping around in the wilderness, that I am going into 'the wilderness' myself now.

Tomorrow morning I leave for the backwoods of one of the most isolated places in the U.S. Forest and mountains all around me, no way to use a cell phone or hook my computer up to the internet. So sad... I'm an internet junkie so this is hard for me. lol!

Hopefully this trip will take only a week and I will be back to my journal and the rest of the lovely interwebz by late Friday. That depends on a number of variables though. It could be as long as 3 weeks, although I sincerely hope not. I think I would pull my hair out from frustration by then...

I will say this: Imagining scenarios where Alice and Uncas live happily together in some far-off, isolated place in the woods seems much more romantic than the idea of my own impending withdrawal from civilized society.

Hopefully I will be able to get lots of work done on my fic "Deepest River" though, while I'm gone, as well as the novel for the Hannibal fandom that I've been working on for months...

My creative energies feel pulled in every direction. Just about every fandom and original story idea that's ever popped into my head seems to be clawing at me and demanding attention right now. I think I will ponder this madness while I stare into the never-ending mass of trees that will soon surround me.



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